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The CCTV Installations industry has come a long way in the last 10 years, from the 420TVL, 600TVL or even the 700TVL dinosaurs, so if you are one of those who in the past few years have purchased the old analog Surveillance System that used to come with the small cameras and the short pre-made wires that just did not look professional no matter how you tried to install it, its time to change your cameras, that has become a thing of the past. In today`s age HD, Security Cameras are the perfect way to get a clear picture of a thief in the darkest of gardens. They come in 720P or 1080P resolution. The beauty of our HD technology CCTV Installations is that you do not have to replace the wires, just unplug the

In today`s age HD, Security Cameras are the perfect way to get a clear picture of a thief in the darkest of gardens. They come in 720P or 1080P resolution. The beauty of our HD technology is that you do not have to replace the wires, just unplug the old camera and plug the new HD Security Camera. Or if you need something even better we can offer you an IP Megapixel camera that can work as a Wireless Night Vision Spy Camera as well all the up to more than 5 Megapixels. Make sure to give us a call today at 8714922139 to speak with one of our experienced surveillance camera installers.

Security Services and What we Do

CCTV INSTALLTIONS IN THRISSUR and Security Products offer Professional Security CCTV Installations services that vary and depend on the type of job you are looking for. Our professional contractors have the skills to craft a complete security system from Alarm systems, access control systems to video surveillance & security camera systems. A typical CCTV Installation for Home security cameras can usually be undertaken by a single man install team (a single family home up to two stories).

For Commercial/ Business, CCTV installations services we recommend a floor plan overview and/or a site survey. Standard equipment used during a CCTV INSTALLTIONS IN THRISSUR Security Products installation service can include but is not limited to, a security recorder (DVR/NVR), CCTV Security cameras, access control panels, access control readers, alarm sensors, power and video cabling. On our initial walk thru, we can address all security requests from alarm systems, to access control to surveillance. During our walk-through and consultation, our installers will create, design and estimate the system that will best fit your budget and CCTV Installations security requirements.

Need Professional CCTV Installation Services?

Do you want your home to be protected against theft and break-ins without the burden of high monthly fees? Don’t wait until your family is a victim of crime. Fill out the easy questionnaire and we will recommend you a CCTV installation company within 24 hours for a free home security needs assessment to see how affordable a video security system can be.

Best Security Cameras

Today in a most have, in the past an alarm system was enough to secure your home, but today with the changing demographics, and constant fluctuation of the economic security is a sensitive matter even for a home in gated communities. Best security cameras and home surveillance system gives you backup of those undesired events that might take your peace away, with best security cameras the DVR unit will maintain records for a time that will give you the chance to recover that footage and give it to your local authorities when having the need to prove those situations that no one wants to mention. Call the experts of CCTV Installations Video Security to give you an estimate of a Home Security System for your property.

Here is a list of CCTV Manufacturers we use

When dealing with CCTV Installation In Thrissur systems and Security Solutions has a vast knowledge & experience to ensure we select the appropriate solution for you.

Our engineers were dealing with CCTV back in the days of analogue tube cameras and have followed the developments with CCTV  through to the latest technology. These days we are often using advanced solutions including HD, megapixel, IP and video analytics.

We have installed and support systems from basic stand alone entry level systems that meet your budget through to multi-site networked systems in excess of over 1,000 cameras dispersed over a wide geographical area. With the higher use of IP technology, our services have been extended to encompass providing and managing data network infrastructure plus working with your IT provider.

We also install CCTV into a wide variety of environments and locations for all market sectors.

We start by responding to your specified performance requirement or offer advice to provide systems that will genuinely deliver the performance required.

Most systems fall into two distinct categories of operation:

Security Camera System Installers

At CCTV Installations KERALA, our team consists of certified Engineers that will install at your home or place of business with a white glove service attitude, doing a job well done, making sure our customers are happy and satisfied with the product and service we provided. Make no mistake, when in doubt about who to call for your security camera needs, call us at CCTV Installations KERALA for amazing HD Cameras.

Having a professional CCTV installations company like HD Cameras KERALA do the job for you is the way to go, using professional security cameras that are anti-vandalism and long range night vision, and using strong coaxial cable making sure the signal will get to your TV in High-Definition 1080P is the proper way to go.

Surveillance Camera Installs

AS CCTV Installers we provide a full range of security services through HD surveillance camera within your area. Last year we started opening our security camera installation services to other areas across the county .

We always offer full design and installation of all HD security camera. Our main goal is to assist you with the most cost-effective technological solutions and we can customise you with those HD security cameras that suit your requirements the best. Since we try our best to get our client satisfied we always use the best solution.

Actually, when we come to take the decision of install one or another HD surveillance camera always the decision of the best solution comes to the table. That’s why we always recommend TVI cameras as the best

Further CCTV Installations Information

Here at HD CCTV Installations Cameras Fitters we do not sell or recommend you to buy a just any camera package like everywhere else on the internet We only Install two of the leading Brands, and all of our CCTV packages are customisable you just have to call us and tell us what your needs are.

Some customers need a Security Camera System for the home, some at the office or business or even at school, for parking lots we recommend wireless night vision because sometimes trenching is impossible, you might even want to try our spy camera, but what we actually support are our HD Security Cameras. Regardless of where you need your security cameras to be, give us a call today and you will be amazed at our prices and the quality of customer support we offer.

So let’s start here with the first of our Recommended CCTV Installations brands. Regardless of where you need your security cameras to be, give us a call today and you will be amazed at our prices and the quality of customer support we offer. So let’s start here with the first of our Recommended CCTV brands.\

HD Cameras to get installed.

IP Cameras and Installation

Unlike the analog CCTV camera, with IP cameras, the camera transmits the video signal in a digital format to a device called a network video recorder or NVR. The camera is a network device which means it has an IP address assigned to it.  It transmits its signal using an Ethernet category five wire; this is standard computer network cabling. With this method there is two way data communication.

CCTV versus IP Camera Resolution

One reason IP cameras are becoming very popular compared to analog CCTV cameras is that the IP camera transmits a very high resolution image to the NVR compared to a lower resolution image from the CCTV analog camera system. One advantage of an IP camera system is that you can use an existing computer network wiring infrastructure but the main reason is the higher resolution.

How HD security camera system works for you

  • HD CCTV security camera gives you the mental relaxation when you are out of home or your workplaces.
  • Sometimes this surveillance method is used to control the criminal activities.
  • In school, it is used to track the activities and unacceptable student behavior.
  • In Shopping Centers and retailing shop, it is used to monitor the buyer and sellers’ activities, and to track the other entire undesired incident so that the offender may be punished easily.
  • HD security cameras are frequently used in transportation system for the safety reason.

Why are we better from others?

  • We install and maintain industrial, commercial and residential HD security camera installation service with much more professionalism and great attention.
  • Before installing this equipment, we visit the site which adds no additional charges.
  • All our technical staffs and engineers are fully trained and highly skilled with immense professional knowledge and experience so that they may meet all the required needs of the clients.
  • We always assist our customer at every stage without any charges.


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