Need help to identify, formulate and install a complete office cctv camera security system in thrissur? Get that done with us…

CCTV camera thrissur advanced security systems protect your commercial premises from theft, disruptions, and violence. We provide one of the most advanced security system solutions for your business needs. Whether it’s a sprawling shopping mall or a towering office complex, trust our CCTV camera thrissur systems to deliver high security every time. We provide a tightly integrated security solution for your business that includes Close Circuit Televisions and digital video recorders. In fact, our digital video recorder thrissur is equipped with high definition video recording.

High Resolution Video Setting

Our digital video recorders and CCTVs carry a high output resolution. This makes your daily tapes show clear images and movements. There are some undeniable benefits to such a system. Not only are you able to keep a close watch on the employees but also on their activities. You are able to track your daily workplace activities. These recordings are digitally stored. This means that the entire day is available to you on a single click. You can rewind, repeat, or delete the recording as and when required.

Clear Audio Setting

Besides the fantastic video quality, our security solution thrissur


includes equipment that provides noise-free audio recordings. You stand to hear conversations and information exchanged. There are times when someone could accidentally or intentionally leak sensitive corporate information. At these times, it is easy for you to take actions based on these audio evidences.

What we can do for maximizing your workplace security?

We are here to help you identify, formulate, and install a complete office security system. For this we provide you with the following digital recorder and CCTV camera Thrissur security services:

A strategic location for installation: We help you identify potential problem areas in your office premises and install CCTVs and digital video recorder Thrissur. There are special areas in an office or commercial building which needs tight security all the time. We help you decide the exact locations, rooms, and positions of your security gear.

Number of cameras and digital recorders: As with the positioning, we help you install the exact number of cameras you need. We make sure that there are enough numbers of cameras for monitors and display units. The security network should cover the entire office space without intruding personal privacy of employees or customers.

Synchronized recording and record retrievals: Our security systems Thrissur provide simultaneous and synchronized capture on all cameras and recorders. There is also the benefit of searching and sorting recordings by date, time, or events. Contact us today and place your order for a customized security solution Thrissur.


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